It depends how far along the road that the eviction process went prior to filing the bankruptcy case. The most common scenarios in Nevada are the following (skip to bottom for the quick answer):

1. The landlord obtained a judgment for lockout before the case was filed. This is the final order given to the constable to change the locks, often called the 24-Lockout Order. It is at least 1 week after the Notice to Quit. If this has been issued by the court before we file, NO AUTOMATIC STAY goes into effect upon filing of the bankruptcy. Its possible to get 30 days of stay, if you file a specific form with the petition, and Debtor(s) pays whatever rent payment would have been due to the bankruptcy court clerk during those first 30 days of the case.

The bankruptcy case is filed BEFORE there is an eviction order in place. The landlord must file a motion for relief from stay or wait 60 days until the stay expires. A lease that is not assumed is automatically deemed rejected, and accordingly, the stay is terminated by operation of law.

So in sum, either no stay at all goes into place if there was a lock out order before we filed, or the stay will most likely terminate upon a successful motion by the creditor, or after 60 days (whichever comes first).