Debt Protection Lawyer Las Vegas

How to Protect Your Debt

If you are thinking of getting rid of your debt through debt settlement, there are two options: You can hire debt protection lawyers Las Vegas, NV has to offer, or two, you can try and do it yourself. 

First and foremost, if you are not a lawyer or accountant, doing it yourself is very likely a bad idea. Think about the famous axiom “the lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client”. There is truth in these words, and should be applied whenever you are thinking about negotiating your debt or representing your debt lawsuit. Do you fill your own cavities? Do you diagnose your medical ailments on your own. Most likely, the answer is no. You retain a professional because you want the best results. There is no difference when it comes to your debt. If this is not enough to convince you, you can feel confident in knowing your lenders and creditors will have spent many hours identifying ways to get money from you. They will have prepared a strong case, and your lack of knowledge or representation only benefits them. No matter what you might have read or watched, not all creditors are the same. Most DIY settlers will be given an offer that could have been a lot better had they retained a debt lawyer Las Vegas, NV trusts. 

Why Choose to Retain Debt Protection Lawyers in Las Vegas, NV?

Debt is complex, and debt law is even more complicated. From a financial and logical standpoint, retaining a debt lawyer to represent you makes the most sense. Because of their knowledge and experience, a debt lawyer will likely be able to negotiate a settlement that better suits your needs. 

By turning to a lawyer, you will have strong consumer protections. For example, in the rare event that a legal error occurs, your firm should carry malpractice insurance that acts as a recovery mechanism. In addition to this, Nevada has a number of recovery funds available to clients who were the unfortunate victim of a break in the legal code of ethics. 

Finally, you will be given the opportunity to meet with your Las Vegas, NV debt protection lawyers. At this time, you can ask questions, address your concerns, and get a feel for who will be representing you. 

Using a Non-Lawyer

There are non-lawyers who offer debt settlement. Because most of these people don’t carry malpractice insurance, in the event they make an error (which is possible because of their limited knowledge), you may lose thousands of dollars. These people are also not regulated by the Bar Association and are not required to follow a code of ethics. If something goes wrong, you have nowhere to file a complaint and open an investigation. Finally, some creditors will not work with a company or individual who works with debt settlement, but is not a lawyer. 

Realistically, if you are concerned about your debt, and want to eliminate it, you should turn to our debt protection lawyers in Las Vegas, NV at Ballstaedt Law Firm.