COVID-19 Update: Governor Sisolak Suspends Evictions

COVID-19 Update: Governor Sisolak Suspends Evictions

On March 29, Governor Sisolak introduced a statewide temporary ban on evictions for the state of Nevada. What does this mean for renters and homeowners?


  • Lock outs, notices to quit or pay, and eviction filings are prohibited as long as the state of emergency is active in Nevada
  • During this time, evictions are still permitted for dangerous tenants (those who are a threat to other residents, the property, or the public)
  • Evictions started before March 12, 2020 may proceed
  • You must continue to pay your rent but late fees will be waived and it will be the landlord/tenant responsibility to come up with a payment plan within 30 days of March 29
  • The eviction ban applies to residential and commercial tenants
  • Landlords must continue to provide maintenance or other required services listed in your contract.


  • Late fees on mortgage payments will be waived for 90 days
  • Late payments will not be reported to credit bureaus if homeowners work with their lender to arrange repayment
  • Payment arrangements can be made to add payments to the end of a loan agreement as opposed to paying out a lump sum.

Regardless of whether you rent or own, your best options will be to continue to pay as much as you can towards your home payment, and communicate with your landlord or mortgage company if you cannot.