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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Las Vegas, NV

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Las Vegas, NV

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Las Vegas, NV

When you are in debt and have no way to resolve it, calling a chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in Las Vegas, NV might be in your best interests. 

Whether you believe there is no way out of your debt, or you just want a fresh start, a leading chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney Las Vegas, NV has to offer, such as one from Ballstaedt Law Firm, can listen to your situation, review any coinciding circumstances, and let you know what your best options might be. Time is money. If you wait to see what happens, you might find yourself facing further challenges that could have been prevented. 

You might feel as if your debt should be ignored, or perhaps you are waiting for a new law that will erase your debt. In general, this is not a good idea. As you wait and do nothing, creditors can file a lawsuit against you or ask a judge to garnish your wages. You don’t want this to happen. 

At Ballstaedt Law Firm, we have helped individuals and businesses get out of debt. Regardless of why you got into debt, a chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in Las Vegas, NV can provide you with advice on what you can do. Rest assured, we don’t judge our clients and we have no biased feelings. We understand how burdensome debt can be, and only want to see you get out of debt as soon as possible. Call us today for a free consultation. 

A Lawyer for Chapter 7

As one of the best chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys in Las Vegas, NV, we have proudly represented people and businesses of all ages and backgrounds. As your lawyer, please know that we:

  • Will work hard to protect your interests
  • Take your objectives seriously
  • Would like to see you get into a stable financial situation
  • Will treat you with respect and not another number
  • Provide you with support and maintain on time communication
  • Will be honest with you
  • Provide reasonable fees
  • Might arrange a payment plan for you

Your financial situation now could seriously impact your future. By dealing with your situation now, you can feel peace of mind in knowing that things will get better. 

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Las Vegas

Chapter 7 is known as debt liquidation and requires you to pass a means test in order to qualify for it. If you meet the requirements, you will need to liquidate your assets and use the proceeds to pay off the debt. Once your debts have been paid, in full or partially, they will be discharged. 

A chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in Las Vegas, NV can help you complete the paperwork, file it with the court, and be your voice in front of a judge. A lawyer can also ensure that the least amount of debts are paid, and at the same time, may protect some of your assets from being liquidated. 

The Benefits of Chapter 7

  • You can keep your future income
  • You can stop creditor harassment
  • You can prevent your wages from being garnished
  • You can avoid lawsuits
  • There will be no payment plans
  • Any unsecured debts could be discharged.

Begin a New Financial Start By Freeing Yourself of Debt

Filing for bankruptcy takes time and knowledge. Having a chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney Las Vegas, NV trusts on your side can make a big difference. Call Ballstaedt Law Firm now.

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